90 metre superyacht

92m Superyacht

A dramatic 92-metre motoryacht currently under development at RMD will feature all the very latest technology in order to provide the best in luxury, speed, endurance and security. The design process is well under way; and with exterior styling confirmed the RMD project team is now concentrating on the interior layout. This size of vessel, designed to be under the 3000 tonnes rule, has become increasingly popular in the last eighteen months with RMD receiving a number of enquiries from the Gulf, US and Europe. This particular interpretation is due for completion later this year.

The 92-metre continues the RMD theme of creating yachts that are both highly secure and environmentally friendly, yet it is also intended to be a family yacht centred around the owner’s suite that includes a private spa and gym, office, theatre, art gallery and more —spanning much of the top two decks. Four more duplex suites across decks 3 and 4 provide ample relaxation space for family members and guests, with further single level suites available for larger parties.

Innovative features include a safe-swim pool: an enclosed swimming area deployed from the aft quarter of the vessel when at rest that allows swimming in open water without any risk of drifting away from the yacht or meeting hazardous marine life. The perimeter also provides docking and transfer facilities for tenders, dinghies and jet skis. The owner’s tender is carried in a water-level garage amidships, with a private lift direct to his suite. The yacht also features a helipad sited on the top deck.


88 metre superyacht [Click plans to enlarge] 88 metre superyacht
88 metre superyacht
88 metre superyacht plan view