140m Megayacht

140m Megayacht

Rainsford Mann Design has recently begun work on an exciting new 140-metre megayacht. The project was initiated in response to a number of enquiries that the firm has received for very large motoryachts with the capability to be independent of shore facilities for substantial periods of time.

The timescales thus involved required a quite different approach from conventional superyacht design, with additional consideration needed to be given to issues such as security, communications, waste management and crew quarters, as well as office and entertainment facilities.

The 140-metre applies the very latest technology across all aspects of her design and operation. One example is the rotating ‘Azipods’ used to drive the vessel. These give ultra-efficient, ultra-quiet operation and their ability to rotate 360° makes the vessel extraordinarily manoeuvrable. The yacht is also fitted with fibre-optic cabling for all the command and control systems, thereby saving space and giving dramatic improvements in data transmission speeds over traditional copper wiring.

Safety and security are a major consideration. Not only is the 140-metre designed with automated long-range infrared and visible light TV cameras, it will also come with a Cerberus Diver Detection System capable of identifying and tracking multiple divers within 1600m of the vessel. Additional security measures include Long-Range Acoustic Devices to project clear audio messages up to 1km and key cards for all personnel, both to allow access to defined areas onboard and for man overboard detection. Also incorporated into the base specification is the installation of laminated polycarbonate level VI armour glazing in areas where passengers are at greatest potential risk to give protection from long-range, high calibre weaponry. Critical areas of the hull, including the bow and the engine room, will also be plated with lightweight ceramic armour.

Secondary transport systems will include high-speed tenders, a dive boat, jet skis and the option of a 10-man, luxury submersible with integral airlock that is launched through an open pool in the base of the yacht’s hull and is capable of reaching depths of more than 400m.

A 1:150 scale model of this remarkable yacht was shown for the first time at the Dubai Boat Show 2007, and work is continuing during the year on schemes to give her an interior as innovative and exciting as her exterior and systems.


140m Megayacht plan view
65m Megayacht plan [click plans to enlarge]