RMD provides concept design as either a stand-alone service or a precursor to the exterior and interior yacht design stages.

The service provides our clients with the initial design concept from which to develop a project. We use this service to consider various options in terms of styling icons as well as defining dimensions and overall yacht volume.

If a client is unsure about the form of hull they wish to pursue, RMD can explore various mono- and multi-hull variations to narrow down the possibilities.

In some instances our clients have used this service purely to create an illustrative representation of a concept in order to gather vested interest from shipyards and potential investors during the early stages of project development.

RMD can use a variety of media to convey this service: hand-drawn sketch perspectives; computer generated visuals; or more traditional disciplines of watercolour or marker pen renderings.

This service can be provided purely for illustrative purposes, or we can produce
high quality computer animations of interiors and exteriors.

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