27m Catamaran Interior Sketch

April 2009

RSD are now nearing completion of the interior design for a 27 M Catamaran designed by New Zealand multihull exponent Craig Loomes.

The client’s brief was to create a simple interior that projects a relaxing and calm atmosphere. We have created an eclectic mix in the style of beach house meets modern apartment with emphasis on natural finishes and clean architectural detailing.

Designed for charter and private use by three generations of the owner’s family, RSD has had to consider an interior layout that can compartmentalise to create different zones for children and adults, rest and play, noise and silence. Areas that are typically hidden away on boats such as the main galley are designed so they can be opened up to the main space to integrate more with the users.

The client is an avid collector of art and classic furniture with a broad knowledge of history and cultures.  This has also been reflected in the design, allowing the incorporation of  many different object d`art and freestanding pieces .

Fitting out is scheduled to start in the 3rd quarter of 2009.